Sex doesn’t have
to be messy

Check out our education program and safer sex initiatives.

Programs and Resources

At Saskatoon Sexual Health, we focus on safe, inclusive, and empowering education. We offer a variety of educational resources and work with diverse communities to promote healthy and informed sexualities through our programs, workshops, and other safer sex initiatives.

Education Program

Saskatoon Sexual Health is pleased to provide a series of workshops that promote informed decision making and ensure that information and highest quality support regarding sexual and reproductive health are available and accessible. We provide educational workshops, classroom presentations, and other educational resources.

Workshops we offer:

  • Saskatoon Sexual Health: A workshop about our organization and services
  • Healthy Sexuality and Relationships
  • Personal Boundaries & Intimacy
  • Sexually Transmitted Infections and Birth Control
  • Speaking Up: Young Men’s Sexual Health Program
  • Tell It Like It Is for People with Intellectual Disabilities



Saskatoon Sexual Health has a wide variety of resources available to community members. We carry a large selection of pamphlets on topics related to sexual and reproductive health, as well as information on partnering community organizations. We also have a lending library that includes books on a wide range of topics, from activism to pregnancy, and everything in between. We also offer birth control teaching kits, which are available to borrow with a $20.00 deposit. Please contact the office for information on any of these resources.

Wrap It Up SK!

As part of the Saskatchewan HIV Strategy, Saskatoon Sexual Health is proud to offer free condoms to businesses and organizations in Saskatoon and the surrounding area. For more information about our Wrap It Up! SK campaign please contact