Exciting News

The Saskatoon Sexual Health with the generous support of the Saskatoon Community Foundation has partnered with Creative Options Regina and the Saskatchewan Association for Community Living to offer a new initiative in the community.

Tell It Like It Is!  provides sexual health and wellness education during a ten week period; the purpose is to assist diverse learners and the people who support them in making life choices that promote optimal health and wellness in all dimensions of life. Using a compassionate approach, each module offers various learning opportunities through such topics as: Communication Skills; Self-Confidence; Nutrition and Hygiene; Online Safety; Developing Goals and Dreams; Building Healthy Relationships; as well as Sexual Education and the protection and prevention of different infections, diseases and pregnancy.

Providing honest and clear sexual health education to individuals living with a disability enables them to make informed decisions about their lives.  Being empowered with the knowledge of personal rights, an understanding of consent, and engaging in pleasurable and sex positive relationships helps individuals recognize the need to be accountable and make healthy choices and create supportive networks.

Our goal is to develop a community of individuals and organizations that will respect, value and celebrate the diversity and uniqueness of their collective lived experiences.

 The first two groups will be offered in Saskatoon. A men’s group will start during August, followed by a women’s group during September. Please click the registration link to provide your information. There are a limited number of spaces available for each group, so if you are not selected to participate during for the first two groups, you will be placed on a list and contacted as more groups are offered. Chosen group participants will be contacted with all details of date, time, and location of the group.

Here is the link for the registration form for participants: https://goo.gl/forms/hrnLBzGzdS5kcUDG3


If you work with an organization, school, or are a community member that would be interested in training to teach Tell It Like It Is to individuals within your community, please click the registration link to provide your information. You will be contacted as training opportunities are planned and offered.  

Here is the link for the registration form for facilitator training: https://goo.gl/forms/51bLt0mR9BwY39cr1